Winery and Brewery Customers

Assembly for Trail Events and Resale Items
Buy in Bulk: Glen Industries can repackage food items, such as crackers or mulling spices, in a safe, shelf-stable container and add your personalized logo on the package.

Save Time: Glen Industries can assemble SWAG or gift bags for your events or private parties or cut ribbon to specified length for your holiday or other ornaments.
Food Processing Kitchen
Glen Industries boasts a NYS Ag & Markets certified kitchen and a 60 gallon kettle for food production. Staff are trained and certified through Cornell University & USC Davis School for Better Processing for food processing. Got a great food idea that uses your wine or craft brew? We may be able to help! For your trail events, Glen Industries may be able to prepare, cook, package, and even deliver your food item.
Office and Mailing Tasks
Glen Industries can help you save time on those more tedious tasks: folding letters and brochures; stuffing and sealing envelopes; labeling and stamping; printing and assembling event recipe cars; and even labeling your wine bottles.
Cleaning Services
Need help cleaning for special events? Considering weekly or monthly cleaning services? Glen Industries can help you keep your winery or brewery looking its best for your customers.